Rubin PCW 2020: “Community Support for Science”

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This “Community Support for Science” session was designed to share the project’s plans for a “Community Engagement Team” (CET) that will help support the community of scientists who will use Rubin data products and services, and to provide a tour of this online forum,

The CET recognizes that the Rubin Observatory LSST science community — and the Science Collaborations in particular — have a deep well of experience regarding how astronomical facilities support user science. The CET would like to leverage this expertise in their plans, and so have created an anonymous form that solicits feedback regarding support for science from astronomical facilities (here).

The intent of posting this Topic is to advertise the fact that you can watch the recorded session (here), look at the deck of slides used in the presentation (here), and find more resources on the “Community Support for Science” session page in the Rubin 2020 PCW website (here).

Follow-up questions about the project’s plans for community for support for science with Rubin Observatory data products and services are welcome as replies on this Topic.

Session Agenda (time in recording)
The Community Engagement Team (6:35)
A Tour of (25:40)
Use-Cases for Community Support (52:30)

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