Rubin PCW 2020: “Introduction to Rubin: Systems, Jargon, and Acronyms”

This “Intro to Rubin” session was designed for anyone new to the Rubin Observatory, or seeking a refresher on the observatory’s systems: telescope and site, camera, data management, and education and public outreach. This session also put a special emphasis on defining jargon and acronyms, and provided an introduction to the Rubin communication methods and the Rubin Observatory Science Collaborations.

The intent of posting this Topic is to advertise the fact that you can watch the recorded session (here), look at the deck of slides used in the presentation (here), and find more resources on the “Intro to Rubin” session page in the Rubin 2020 PCW website (here).

Follow-up questions about basic information or terminology related to Rubin Observatory are welcome as replies on this Topic.

Session Agenda (time in recording)
Communications (6:30)
PCW Overview (11:55)
Telescope & Site (17:20)
Camera (24:40)
Data Management (31:10)
Education and Public Outreach (39:40)
Onboarding for New Rubin Staff (46:35)
Science Collaborations (49:15)

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