Rubin PCW 2020: “Stack Club”

The “Stack Club” session at this year’s Project & Community Workshop highlighted the ongoing Stack Club, whose members write tutorial notebooks explaining various aspects of the Rubin Observatory Data Management science pipelines (a.k.a. the “Stack”). As stated on the Stack Club github repository: “The idea of Stack Club is that the best way to learn something is to try and teach it: if you can write a useful tutorial on some aspect of the DM Stack, and especially its science pipelines, then you have to understand that part first.” Tutorial notebooks are developed by Stack Club members in the Rubin Science Platform, and are maintained as a resource for science users at the links given earlier in this paragraph.

This PCW session included a brief introduction to the Stack Club, the Rubin Science Platform, and the datasets that are available for Stack Club users to work with. This was followed by three Stack Club members presenting their recent work. In particular, these presentations highlighted notebooks that were prepared by students of the recent 8-week Stack Club Course, which took place in May-June 2020. Videos of the presentations from the Stack Club Course are available online, as are the slides and notebooks that were shown in the presentations.

The purpose of this post is to highlight the PCW session on the Stack Club, and to point out that videos and slides from presentations are available at the PCW 2020 “Stack Club” webpage.

If you are interested in learning how to use Rubin Science Pipelines and the Science Platform, consider joining the Stack Club. Even if you do not join, however, the resources made available at the links shared in this post are extremely helpful for users at any level of experience/expertise, and new tutorials will continue to be added by Stack Club members.

Follow-up questions about the Stack Club and its tutorials are welcome as replies on this Topic.

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