Rubin_sim v2.0.0 released, plus creation of rubin_scheduler v1.0.0

Important news regarding updates to rubin_sim!

To better support operations at the summit, we have split the rubin_sim package into rubin_sim and rubin_scheduler. Rubin_sim will continue to contain the most commonly used community parts of rubin_sim, including phot_utils, moving_objects, maf and skybrightness modules. It also depends on the new package, rubin_scheduler. Rubin_scheduler contains the “telescope operations” necessary parts of rubin_sim: the data, utils, site_models, skybrightness_pre and scheduler modules.

As this is a breaking change, we have moved the rubin_sim release number to 2.0.0, and have released rubin_scheduler at 1.0.0.

Updating code to work with the new rubin_sim and rubin_scheduler software should be relatively straightforward: we have added deprecation warnings to rubin_sim if you attempt to import something from rubin_sim which should come from rubin_scheduler, and if you see these warnings, you should adjust your code to redirect the import from rubin_sim to rubin_scheduler (i.e. import rubin_sim.scheduler.CoreScheduler should become import rubin_scheduler.scheduler.CoreScheduler ; from import get_data_dir should become from import get_data_dir).

Downloading the rubin_sim_data necessary after installation has changed as well:

  • rs_download_data will download data needed for rubin_sim only
  • scheduler_download_data will download the data needed for rubin_scheduler only (you may need to run both scheduler_download_data and rs_download_data, depending on your work, please ask if you have any questions)
  • rs_download_sky to download the full skybrightness recalculated files remains the same command (although now runs from the rubin_scheduler package) [this is only needed for running full 10 year simulations with the scheduler]
  • there is a new --update flag you can use with either rs_download_data or scheduler_download_data that will only update data files which do not match your current version of rubin_sim or rubin_scheduler (retaining the remainder). You can also still use the --dirs flag to only download or update subsets of this data.
  • Please see Data Download — rubin_scheduler for more information on downloading data for rubin_scheduler.

We anticipate the following most likely issues for:

  • those using rubin_sim.maf — most work should be unchanged by this update, although some utilities may have moved from rubin_sim.utils to rubin_scheduler.utils
  • those using rubin_sim.skybrightness – most work should be unchanged by this update, although note that utilities for translating ra/dec into alt/az/pa have moved from rubin_sim.utils to rubin_scheduler.utils (likewise for any other rubin_sim.utils code, as well as rubin_sim.site_models which is moved to rubin_scheduler.site_models).
  • those using rubin_sim.scheduler for simulations – any imports that refer to rubin_sim.scheduler or rubin_sim.utils should move to rubin_scheduler.scheduler and rubin_scheduler.utils.

I wanted to highlight that both rubin_sim and rubin_scheduler are available on both PyPI and conda-forge, using the names rubin-sim and rubin-scheduler (note the “-” and not “_” ).