Rubin Undergraduate Network (RUN): Introduction Thread

This thread is to introduce the Rubin Undergraduate Network (RUN). We are a collection of faculty and staff from various smaller institutions across the United States (as compared to large “R1” universities) that focus on research at the undergraduate level. We are dedicated to the involvement of undergraduates in meaningful astrophysical research using Rubin data.

In this thread you will find introductions from our volunteer members, along with contact information. We hold regular Zoom meetings, in which we discuss efforts to engage undergraduates in research, as well as offer opportunities for undergraduates to present their astrophysical projects to a friendly audience. Anyone who wishes to focus on using Rubin for undergraduate research is welcomed to join us.

Have a look in this same forum for our “Proposals” thread to find ideas about engaging undergrads in Rubin-supported projects.


Name: Mark Pitts

Institution: Eastern Kentucky University (Richmond, KY)

Personal Research Interests: Low-Mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs

Greetings! I am a newly-minted assistant professor at the Physics, Geosciences, and Astronomy Department at EKU. I am putting together a computer lab space on-campus for undergrads to be able to access and analyze Rubin data. I am always on the look-out for project ideas that are at a workable level for undergrads to tackle in a typical timeframe (i.e., 0.5-2 years).

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Name: Christina Adair

Institution: Southeast Missouri State University and SLAC (LSST)

Hello! I teach an Introduction to Astronomy class and lab at SEMO and am looking for ideas for undergraduate research projects. The university has a 16-inch telescope and will soon have a building/outreach facility.

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Name: Matthew Wiesner

Institution: Benedictine University

Personal Research Interests: Gravitational lensing and image simulations. Kilonova identification.

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