Science Pipelines Release 23.0.0 Now Available

Version 23.0.0 of the LSST Science Pipelines is now available. Extensive documentation including installation instructions, release notes, and scientific characterization are available at:

Major changes in functionality and/or interfaces are listed at:

Note that newinstall can take up to 2 hours to solve the conda environment. Its quicker replacement lsstinstall is available for beta testing.

Many thanks to @jsick, Matthias Wittgen, @ktl, @timj, @jeffcarlin, @natelust, and Brock Brendal for their contributions to this release. And, of course, thank you DM developers for all the new features and bug fixes that went into it.

Happy New Year!


A much faster install is possible if you use this version of, which includes the use of mamba but doesn’t include subsequent changes to dependencies.

Science Pipelines Release 23.0.1 Now Available

It includes a number of backports to support the Data Preview 0.2 Data Release (DP0.2) coadd-processing (Tasks within the Pipeline subset step3 )

  • The newinstall instructions now link to the faster version of newintall that uses mamba.
  • rubin-env version 0.8.0 should be used with this release.