Second (FY23) call for the Rubin In-kind program general pool for software development

Dear colleagues,

The second call for applications requesting efforts from the Rubin In-kind General Pool software developers is open! Any teams within in-kind Recipient groups (Rubin teams and Science Collaborations) can apply. Please coordinate with the point of contact of your in-kind Recipient group (see the list of contacts here) to discuss your proposal concepts. The submission form will remain open all year but a first review will be made in March of applications received by Feb 22nd, 2023 .

The goal of this call is to fill any gaps within Rubin in-kind Recipients’ infrastructure or analysis development work. Requests may come from individuals, teams or multiple recipient groups benefiting from the proposed work. Recipient groups can be either Rubin construction or operations teams or Rubin/LSST Science Collaborations, as for any other in-kind contribution. We encourage teams to submit all needs they currently have or foresee, this information may be used to understand the demand for software development expertise in the Rubin community.

Feel free to contact Agnès Ferté (@aferte) and Aprajita Verma (@aprajita) for any questions about the process.

Reminder for the call for proposals to use software professional expertise’s from the Rubin in-kind general pool. We pushed the deadline for the first round of review to March 1st 2023 leaving some time after the LINCC Incubator Program deadline.

One week left to apply!