Selection of the cleanest AGN sample in the first N years of the LSST survey: Technical concerns

For the community to use LSST as a single way to identify the diversity of AGN, we must develop selection criteria that take advantage of the source parameters available with just LSST imaging, that is, color, morphology and variability. Already there are a number of AGN surveys with input from multiple wavelength observation and spectra. Precursor work needs to be done using these surveys to determine if AGN not easily identified using optical color selection can be selected using the additional parameters of morphology, variability and/or the additional filter that LSST provides. I am interested in a technical discussion of LSST survey parameters and data reduction that will be important to AGN identification and study. Things like deblending, rolling cadences, alert streams and broker tuning, observing cadence of filters, etc, will all be crucial to a clean selection of AGN. This session would involve taking information learned at the LSST2017 meeting to inform what we expect from the LSST DM in Level 3 and whether that is sufficient for our expectations of sample selection and doing AGN science during the first N years of the survey and beyond. (Note I can only attend/plan such a session if earlier than Aug 17.)