Sharing of slides, etc, from PCW 2022

Thanks to all involved in organising and running PCW 2022!

What are the restrictions on sharing slide sets, etc, from PCW 2022 that are currently sitting behind the workshop registrant login?

My specific interest relates to sharing within the LSST:UK Consortium. We publish a monthly newsletter and would like to include an item on PCW 2022 in the August issue. The newsletter itself sits on an open area of our consortium wiki, but we often include in it links to resources that are held with the password-protected area, which is accessible only to consortium members.

Would it be acceptable for us to host copies of files from the PCW 2022 website on our wiki and link to them from our newsletter? - if so, should those files be kept in the password-protected area of the wiki?

We’re happy, of course, to abide by any restrictions or guidance on this - just hoping that there is a way to share some of this valuable material with people unable to attend the workshop.

Many thanks

Bob Mann

Hi Bob, now that the meeting is over the site will be opened up later this week so that content can be viewed without logging in and the links to all the recordings will be posted and accessible from each session page too.

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Excellent - many thanks, Ranpal