Simulated Alert Stream?

The Lasair Broker would like to prototype data handling at full bandwidth. Certainly we have the terabyte of simulated LSST alerts (*) , and we have put that into our own Kafka nodes. But that doesn’t test the long-distance connections. It would be great to have a stream from Rubin at full bandwidth – no matter what the actual data content. Is there anything like that coming along?

(*) GitHub - lsst-dm/sample_alert_info: Release notes for sample Rubin Observatory alert packets

Hi Roy,

Yes, we still plan to provide that stream. We currently have a Kafka broker and schema registry running at the IDF, and with simulated alerts, but external access isn’t fully set up just yet.

I hope to create client credentials and distribute them to brokers some time in the next few weeks. There’s a bit more work to be done to make it possible to connect, and especially to document the system.