Simulations representation at "GREAT4" Meeting

I’m helping to organize a cross-project weak lensing meeting at UPenn November 9-11, and it recently occurred to me it might be good to have some representation from the LSST simulations team. There are already a number of LSST weak lensing people coming (including) me, but I think that’s a somewhat different perspective.

The main intended outcome of the meeting is to gather community input from all of the big ongoing and upcoming surveys on what - if anything - we should do as a follow-up to the GREAT3 challenge. That might be another challenge like GREAT3, a suite of standardized simulations with no leaderboard, a few targeted improvements to GalSim, or nothing - or anything in between.

If anyone is interested, the registration link is here:

Jim, not sure how widely Discourse is read beyond DM – may be good to ping Andy Connolly directly.