Small examples of OpSim outputs

(Rahul Biswas) #1


Since several different output formats of OpSim (past and current) are now available, it would be wonderful to have a small example of OpSim v3 and v4 (in terms of format) outputs, which are of a small size ~ few 10s of MB (and could be made over a small period of time). This would be very useful for codes that interact with OpSim outputs for tests. I think @ljones even said that something like this was already there, so it would be good to have it tagged with some OpSim v4 page (or maybe you can simply point me to it already!).


(Lynne Jones) #2

The sims_data repository ( has a small opsim3 and opsim4 output file!

The opsimblitz is opsim3, and astro-lsst-01_2014 is an opsim4 run. Would these work?

(Rahul Biswas) #3

@ljones Those seem to be perfect! Thank you.