Solar System Science Collaboration (SSSC) April 2019 Update

An brief update on SSSC (Solar System Science Collaboration) happenings over the past two months.A more detailed version will be sent out to the SSSC listserv.

SSSC Publication Policy - We’ve updated the SSSC publication policy draft with the feedback from the collaboration. We are now asking for the SSSC to vote on adoption of the publication policy.

LSST Solar System Software Roadmap - The SSSC’s Software Roadmap was accepted and published in the Research Notes of the AAS. You can read it here.

LSST Broker Letter of Intent - Letters of Intent are required from all teams who plan to propose a community alert broker, and are due by May 15 2019. Details can be found here. We have invited as many broker proposal teams as possible to give presentations/discussions of their brokers. If you’re working on a broker proposal and would like present to the SSSC, please contact the SSSC co-chairs

LSST Science Platform - Michael Mommert represented the Solar System perspective on a review of the LSST science platform.

LSSTC Science Collaboration Committee - LSST Corporation has created a Science Collaboration Committee to advise the LSSTC Executive Board. Each science collaboration has a representative from their leadership. Henry Hsieh (serving as Community software/infrastructure development working group lead) has volunteered to serve as the SSSC representative for the next two years.

SBAG - In February Meg presented on LSST Solar System Science (excluding NEOs) at the NASA Small Bodies Assessment Group Meeting. Slides can be found here and the video can be viewed here.

Plans and Policies for LSST Alert Distribution - LSST has released documentation that summarizes the components of the alert distribution system and the data rights required to access specific scientific products. It provides guidelines for organizations developing community brokers and describes the planned capabilities of the LSST simple alert filtering service and Science Platform to aid science users in planning for LSST science. You can find more details here.

Commissioning and Science Verification Status -Chuck Claver & Leanne Guy recently gave a presentation to the joint Science Team + Science Collaboration Chairs about Commissioning and Science Verification. You can find the video here and the slides can be viewed here.

Survey Strategy White Papers - Lynne Jones recently gave a presentation to the joint Science Team + Science Collaboration Chairs summarizing the Survey Strategy White Papers that were submitted. Slides can be found here. The recorded video can be found here.

Decadal White Paper - the LSST Science Collaboration Chairs have submitted a notice of intent for a state of the profession Astro 2020 white paper due in July focusing on highlighting the need for dedicated future funding support for researchers utilizing LSST survey data.