Solar System Science Collaboration (SSSC) January 2018 Update

A brief update of SSSC (Solar System Science Collaboration) happenings over the past month. A more detailed version will be sent out on the SSSC listserv.

SSSC Charter- We have incorporated the feedback received on the draft SSSC charter, which outlines the current common practices the SSSC leadership/membership has been operating under for transparency and clarity. We are now asking the SSSC membership to vote on the adoption of the charter. If 2/3rds of those who vote, vote yes the charter will be formally adopted by the SSSC.

SSSC Roadmap - Thanks to everyone who has given their input, we have completed a draft of the SSSC Science Roadmap and sent it out to the SSSC for final feedback. We plan to publish the document on astro-ph in the coming months.

Twitter account - To further facilitate communication within the SSSC and with the rest of the planetary community and also for public outreach, we now have a twitter account for the SSSC @lsstsssc

Blog - We’ve launched the SSSC blog for community and public outreach.

LSST@Europe3 meeting - Registration for the LSST@Europe3 meeting is now open. The meeting will be held in Lyon in June 2018. More details can be found here. Some travel support and special accommodation are available for students and/or early stage researchers. Please contact the organizers at lsst.europe2018’at’ to request.

Proposed SSSC Workshop in 2018 - We submitted the proposed SSSC workshop proposal to the LSST Corporation (LSSTC) Enabling Science Call for Proposals. The aim is to have a 3 day workshop with a half day of talks on Day 1, and the rest of the time would be dedicated to small group projects focused on LSST Solar System Science needs. We should hear back in early February about whether we have been allocated funds by LSSTC.

AAS 231 LSST Townhall - At the 231st American Astronomical Society meeting, later tonight (Wednesday January 10th) there will be an LSST town hall ( 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm, Potomac D of the Gaylord National Harbor Convention Center). Meg will be attending and happy to answer any questions or hear any concerns, so do come find her and say hi if you’re at the AAS meeting.

Happy New Year