Solar System Science Collaboration (SSSC) January 2022 Update

A brief update on SSSC (Solar System Science Collaboration) happenings over the past month. A more detailed version was sent out to the SSSC collaboration

Working Group Telecons - 2022 sees the the start of working group calls. Each month there will be a different working group call scheduled. The community software/infrastructure development working group has established monthly calls that will continue into the new year.

SSSC Charter Updates - **Now that we’ve been officially recognized as a Rubin Observatory LSST Science collaboration by Rubin Observatory, we need a few minor updates to the SSSC Charter. SSSC members will be be receiving a separate email later in January with a link to vote on whether to accepted the proposed charter updates.

Second SCOC (Survey Cadence Optimization Committee)-Science Collaborations Workshop - In November, Mike Kelley presented for the SSSC about the SCOC recommendations and concerns and positives about the proposed version 2.0 cadence simulations and the draft SCOC report.

SSSC Response to the SCOC Report - Thank you to all the authors of the cadence note who contributed to writing of the 1 page mini-note in response to the workshop and the draft report.

Updated LSST Cadence Decision Schedule - The updated scheduled can be found here.

Rolling Cadence Task Force- Colin Snodgrass has volunteered to represent the SSSC on the cross-science collaboration task force set up to further examine the impact of various LSST rolling cadence scenarios.

January/February Cadence discussions - In January and early February, the working group of cadence note authors will be be having short discussions about the version 2.0 LSST cadence simulations.

Help review astronomy content of the EPO education program - The Rubin EPO team needs expert feedback on their school program content. If you’re willing to review Solar System specific EPO content - please sign up using this form by January 7th

New Director of Rubin Observatory Construction - Željko Ivezić will become the new Director of Rubin Observatory Construction as of January 2022 taking over for Steve Kahn.

LSSTC Catalyst Postdoctoral Fellowship Mentors - thank you to all those that signed up to serve as potential mentors. All mentors who satisfied the eligibility requirements were signed up were passed forward to LSSTC.

Rubin Data Products, Abridged - The recorded presentation and slides can be cited have been released for use in grant proposals.

Solar System Processing (SSP) Pipeline- According to the latest monthly Data Management newsletter. “All of the algorithmic components which comprise the Solar System Processing (SSP) pipeline, as described in LDM-151 [27] §§6.25–6.28, are available for integration into science payloads. These components must provide realistic interfaces, data-flows and products, but it is expected that the details of the algorithms will undergo continued refinement.The components of the Solar System Processing pipeline are substantially complete and ready for integration, but cannot be integrated before the US Data Facility is fully operational.”

ApJS Focus Issue dedicated to the Rubin LSST Survey Strategy Optimization process - A reminder about the dedicated focus issue currently open for submissions. The opening paper in the issue was recently published, and other papers being added to the issue can be found here. There is also the potential for publication costs to be covered by the Preparing for Astrophysics with LSST funding.

In-kind General Pool Software Development Effort Requests - As part of the international in-kind contributions, there is ~3 FTE of software developer effort available in the next year to be divided between the 8 LSST science collaborations. Henry Hsieh and the Community software/infrastructure development working group are identifying possible software tasks that could be requested as part of this effort.