Solar System Science Collaboration (SSSC) May 2021 Update

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A brief update on SSSC (Solar System Science Collaboration) happenings over the past month. A more detailed version will be sent out to the SSSC collaboration

Proposed Revised Rubin Construction Schedule - The LSST construction project has announcement of official 1 year delay to no earlier than an October 2023 start date for LSST science operations. Further details can be found here and a graphic schedule can be found here.

Update on the Solar System Processing development - Heliolinc2 algorithm for fitting orbits for Solar System objects was improved by the UW Solar System Processing Team, and the software now achieves >95% completeness.

Cadence Notes - The SSSC’s Cadence Note draft was sent in on April 15th to the SCOC (Survey Cadence Optimization Committee). A big thank you to all the contributors who made it happen.The SCOC are going to read all the Cadence Notes submitted and develop a proposed combined LSST strategy later this year. There is expected to opportunities to give feedback once that proposed strategy has been simulated.

Update on the International In-kind Contribution Process - The Proposals reviewed, modified, and sent for approval to the US agencies. More information can be found at here.

LSST Solar System Readiness Virtual Sprint:

This year’s sprint will focus on topics related to observing follow-up. We’re aiming to have two to three 3.5 hour (with a half hour break in the middle) scattered throughout June. The SSSC’s (virtual) LSST Solar System Readiness Sprint 2021 will be held on the following days/times:

June 22nd 7pm-10:30pm BST (2pm-5:30pm EDT; 11am-2:30pm PDT)
June 24th 6pm-9:30pm BST (1pm-4:30pm EDT; 10am-1:30pm PDT)
June 29th 6pm-9:30pm BST(1pm-4:30pm EDT; 10am-1:30pm PDT)

1) Please register here and sign up for sprint

2) We’ll have 30 minute introduction sessions that we’re calling Day -1. Each group will be capped at ~12 people. This is to break attendees into small groups to get an introduction to the format of the sprint, brainstorm unconference sessions for Day 1 ,and give attendees an opportunity to introduce themselves to each other. Please sign up for a Day-1 session here .

Deadline to register is by 9pm PDT on June 4th