Splitting "How-To" Support from "This didn't work" Support

A few developers on the DRP team (@pschella and @fred3m) are making a very welcome push for how-to questions to end up in the Support category here rather than being lost in the history of a Slack channel. But looking at the top-level view of the Support threads we have right now, it seems they’re completely dominated by installation problems and bugs/suprising behavior discovered by new users. I worry that’s going to make searching for how-to topics harder. I also think we might have have a lot of Support posts whose content is so out-of-date having it visible at all does more harm than good (i.e. because the instructions for how to fix the problem reported there are now incorrect).

Should we consider having a separate c.l.o. categories for installation help and/or bug reports? Should we predefine and publicize some tags for that separation instead?


Is there a way to do this (either via different categories or different tags) so that the appropriate slack channel can be notified? For example: an installation tag might post in the #dm-square room whereas a pipeline question might appear in #science-pipelines?

One concern I’ve heard people voice is that Community isn’t checked regularly enough whereas with slack you can (usually) get instant feedback, so I think it would make transitioning (back) to Community easier if people knew that the slack channel would also see that there is a new support question. So it may be helpful to design a set of tags and identify the different groups that might respond to each of them (in some cases multiple channels may be notified for a single tag).