Subcategory of "Announcements"

Would it be possible to have a subcategory or perhaps separate category for unofficial/less formal announcements like “I just merged this ticket that adds this cool new feature (or changes this important interface or fixes this longstanding bug or adds some draft user documentation or …)”?

Or maybe it’s the other way around: there should be a subcategory of Announcements for just Official Announcements or Release Announcements.

Would an announcements category specific/viewable by only the LSST group or just LSSTDM group work? Call it “DM Team Notifications”?

No, they should still be fully public, just not as significant or official.

I’ve created a public DM Notifications category as a sub-category of Data Management

I’ve chosen to make DM Notifications a subcategory of Data Management because if this forum is adopted by LSST (let alone DM), it may be useful to give each group their own unofficial announcements list, and let Announcements aggregate all public announcements. This can of course be changed easily.