Submitted white papers

Thank you all! We received 46 47* 46** white papers in response to the Call for Cadence White Papers!

The titles of all submitted white papers are available here

My preliminary estimate is:

  • 16 on WFD cadence/details of observations,
  • 3 on ToOs of specific types,
  • 3 dealing with northern sky coverage (1 on the NES, 2 others on general northern sky),
  • 1 on the south celestial pole minisurvey,
  • 4 with modifications for our existing DD coverage,
  • 12 on new minisurveys, ranging from trailed observations for subsecond photometry to synchronized observations with WFIRST,
  • 6 on the galactic plane coverage,
  • and 1 attempt to propose the basis for a compromise solution (the ‘big sky’ white paper) – what might be of interest here to the general community is the existence of a tool to evaluate visits/area trades.

I haven’t read all the white papers in great detail - generally just enough to pull out an estimate of what is being requested and to categorize the request. Some of the minisurvey white papers somewhat overlap with deep drilling style observations, but are different enough that I did not include them as such. I’d give you an estimate of how much ‘extra LSST’ we need in order to meet all of the goals of all the white papers, but I’d like to go through and double-check these estimates and translate them all onto the same basis first.

Even from my quick read-throughs, it’s clear that a tremendous amount of effort has gone into these white papers from wide swaths of the community. It’s a great work – thank you all again.


(* there seems to have been a technical glitch, found one more)
(** actually we have 46 … I counted by doing a simple “wc” of the files in my white paper directory … but there was also a tarball in the same location. sorry).

This is a great result! Looking forward to seeing the next steps.

A full list of title, authors, and abstracts - including a link to the full white paper - is available at