Submitting metrics to the MAF

(Rachel Street) #1

Since a number of people are currently in the process of developing new metric code for the MAF, it would be helpful to establish a procedure for submitting them.

@fed, @MelissaGraham and I came up with the following workflow:

  1. Fork the Github MAF repository: Go to​ …and click the ‘fork’ button to creates your own copy of the repository, to which you can commit your new code at will without affecting anyone else.
  2. Clone the forked repository to your local machine:
    git clone ​​<YOUR GITHUB ID>/sims_maf_contrib.git
  3. Add your code to this directory within your repo: …/sims_maf_contrib/mafContrib …and commit and push changes to your forked repo in Github as normal.
  4. When you are happy your code has been completed, issue a pull request from the LSST-nonproject/sims_maf_contrib.git repo so that they can approve and integrate your new metrics.

…but it would be great if the MAF team could verify this, @ljones, @yoachim , @tribeiro

I also suggest that developers should submit new metric code as soon as its available rather than wait for the white paper deadline, to avoid a sudden flood of pull requests to the MAF team.

(Lynne Jones) #2

This sounds like what I was envisioning, so yes!

(Rachel Street) #3

Great, thanks @ljones!