Suggested Breakout Session: Accessibility in Rubin

Cross-posting to encourage open discussion!!

A session on “Accessibility in Rubin” was suggested by @plazas via the Rubin 2023 PCW website: Accessibility in Rubin | Project & Community Workshop 2023.

In this session members from the Rubin Community would gather to discuss accessibility plans and actions in LSST and Rubin. For example, the Community Science Team could present their efforts in this regard (e.g., accessibility in tutorials and Jupyter notebooks, alt-text in tutorials, etc) and discuss plans, challenges, and successes. This session should include time for discussion, during which feedback and ideas would be solicited from attendees. This session should be open for contributed talks so people can share resources.

The purpose of this thread is to allow others to suggest ideas for what could be covered in this session.

All are welcome to submit abstracts to request a poster or talk on accessibility-related topics.


I think this is a great idea. Depending on how long the breakout session will last, time can be reserved for a working session (“hack” session) where people can work on improving documentation or notebooks they have with accessibility experts who there to help them. But this only works if there are 2+ hours to do such an activity, otherwise, a standard set of presentations followed by a Q&A / panel discussion is usually more effective.

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It will also be important to determine if there will be a remote participation option, and if so, that the session follows best-practices for hybrid meetings. If the session is remote, there may be potential to draw more participants who are unable to attend in person, including, for example, people working in sonification but who are international. From reading the homepage, it sounds like only some sessions like the general and plenaries would be virtually accessible.

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