Suggested Breakout Session: Crowded Stellar Fields

An important fraction of the Rubin-LSST footprint encompasses crowded stellar regions, such as the Galactic Bulge, the Disk, the Magellanic Clouds, as well as massive Galactic Globular Clusters and massive Milky Way satellites, such as Fornax, Sculptor and Carina dSphs.
The Science that can be pursued in those areas depends critically on the quality of the photometry, and on the effectiveness of the methodology with wich data are analyzed.
We propose a dedicated session to this important topic, aimed at:

  1. provide a census of the critically crowded areas
  2. discuss the impact of the PSF photometry
  3. discuss the effectiveness of the DIA analysis for the detection of the variable objects
  4. discuss possible caveats on the homogeneity of the photometric calibration and on the impact of the reddening
  5. discuss the possible indications on those subjects from the Commissioning
  6. give an overview of the in-kind contributions that can be of potential interest to this topic