Suggested Breakout Session: Data Preview 0 "Show And Tell"


This proposed session is named DP0 “Show And Tell” to emphasize that contributions are welcome to be short and informal! Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate. Minimal preparation required aside from indicating your interest.

Show a single plot or present an analysis, whatever you want. Work that is new, in progress, or complete - it is all welcome. Talk for 2 minutes or 10. So long as it’s about DP0, it’s appropriate for this session.

It is absolutely OK (encouraged) to repeat something that has already been presented in a Delegate Assembly or other venue. The aim here would be to get a nice cross-section of different scientific fields and uses of the DP0 data set and Rubin Science Platform.

This session would start out with a short overview of what Rubin’s Data Preview 0 is, and also briefly cover instructions for getting started, for anyone who is new and wants to access DP0.

Reply in this topic thread or contact me (@MelissaGraham) if you’re interested in participating!

This is very interesting for our team. Will it be possible to also attend this session and to contribute remotely? Thanks

Thanks Sara! Re. remote access – we won’t know for sure which sessions will fit into the remote-ready rooms until we start putting the agenda together, but we will try.