Suggested Breakout Session: Next Steps for In-Kind Computing Resources


The Rubin Legacy Survey of Space and Time (LSST) will enable revolutionary scientific research, but require significant computing power, data storage, and software tools for discovery. While the Rubin Data Facilities are designed with these needs in mind, ambitious and creative use of LSST data will be significantly enhanced if we make efficient and innovative use of all available technical resources, including those available through the Rubin In-Kind program, which collectively are providing computing resources worth more than $50M to Rubin users.

To meet this need, the virtual workshop “Supporting Computational Science with Rubin LSST”, held in March 2023, brought together scientists and providers of computing resources to 1) identify use cases requiring significant computing resources, 2) discuss ways in which those use cases could be partnered with computing centers, and 3) discuss the technical challenges facing computing resource providers for Rubin science.


In this proposed session, we will:

  • Summarize the output of the Supporting Computational Science with Rubin LSST workshop
  • Discuss the questions and challenges raised in the technical sessions of the workshop
  • Get updates on activity from computing resource providers
  • Identify next steps for preparation by computing resource providers