Suggested Breakout Session: Rubin tools applied to DECam and other precursor data sets

Sharing a PCW 2023 breakout session proposal submitted by/with Yuanyuan Zhang (also with @sfu and Tom Matheson):

The goal of the proposed session is to discuss the application of Rubin data tools, including the DM pipeline and data analysis tools, on community scientific data sets collected on other wide-field imaging instruments such as DECam, or other scientific precursor data sets. This session could include contributed talks and a brief discussion afterward. Some example topics are the large-scale deployment of the LSST Science Pipelines for Merian and LoVoCCS processing, the ongoing development of a real-time DECam multi-messenger alerting pipeline based on the LSST software stack, and Hyper Suprime-Cam data reductions.

A great outcome of this session would be a synthesis of lessons learned and the exchange of ideas on future plans for such applications. A key audience is the segment of Rubin’s community who are actively using the LSST Science Pipelines for processing/reducing data from existing scientific facilities/instruments/surveys.

At present, we’re imagining that this session would not include precursor simulated or engineering data sets (e.g., DP0, AuxTel), though we could potentially be flexible about this, as there’s probably a lot to learn from those ongoing applications/tests of Rubin data/software tools.