Survey Strategy Office Hours, Jan-Mar 2021

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To help the community writing cadence notes (due April 15), we will be having office hours to answer questions about the released survey simulations and help with developing python code that can run in MAF. We will plan on using the Feb 11 slot to discuss Deep Drilling Field strategy in particular.

For reminders or to ask other MAF questions join the #sims-maf channel on the LSSTC Slack.

Planned office hours (Pacific time, ):
Jan 14 8:30 am
Jan 28 1:30 pm
Feb 11 8:30 am
Feb 25 1:30 pm
Mar 11 8:30 am

Zoom connection


Since folks have been showing up to the MAF office hours, I’ll plan on holding more since the Cadence Notes deadline has been extended to April 15.

Pacific Time
March 25 1:30 pm
April 8 8:30 am

same zoom as before