Table output from MAF

Hi, I was trying to explore the new OpSim using the MAF. I followed the tutorial notebooks here:

Is there a metric returning a table with user-selected columns to do further analysis? I am using a slicer to select sky regions (UserPointsSlicer) and I am imposing some constraints (e.g., filters, seeing) , but I don’t want to apply a specific metric yet. I would just like to get a table with all the visits fulfilling my constraints.


Yes, have a look at the “PassMetric” – which just ‘passes’ back your specified columns at that point in the slicer.
This is a little different than just the visits fulfilling your constraints, and instead it’s the visits which fulfill your constraints and overlap that point in the UserPointsSlicer.

You also could just return the visits which match your constraints, without any spatial requirements, if you use “maf.get_sim_data”. This would have no relationship to the slicer.

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Thank you very much! The “PassMetric” is exactly what I was looking for!