To give a "Rubin Research Bytes" flash talk at the PCW, register by Fri Jul 16

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Deadlines for Participation
Everyone who has registered for the PCW by Fri Jul 16 and indicated interest in the Research Bytes session will be contacted to confirm their participation by providing a title by Fri Jul 25.

How do I indicate my interest in giving a RRB flash talk?
Make an account for the Rubin 2021 Project and Community Workshop’s website ( and then fill out the registration form. In response to the question “Are you interested in participating in Research Bytes?” select “yes”.

What is a Rubin Research Byte (RRB)?
An RRB is a short ~4 minute flash talk on Rubin-related scientific research, engineering, or software. During the Rubin 2021 PCW, the 60-minute RRB session will have ~8 breakout rooms organized by topic, with ~4 speakers and ~2 moderators per room. Each speaker will give their ~4 minute flash talk and then there will be ~10 minutes for panel-style Q&A at the end. At the 28-minute mark, the audience will switch breakout rooms while speakers and moderators stay in the same room and repeat the talks and Q&A for a new audience. Thus, all speakers give their talk twice, and all audience members see a total of 8 flash talks.

Interested in volunteering as a moderator?
That’s awesome, thank you! Please send a direct message or email to Melissa Graham. Include a list of example topics you’d be willing to moderate.