Transition (rename) of development server lsst-dev7 to lsst-dev01

An important announcement regarding an upcoming transition for
Next week Thursday Oct 27 in the 8:00-10:00am CDT window, lsst-dev7 will be renamed as .

This transition is made in preparation for possible future capacity expansion and is a necessary component of the ongoing work to bring lsst-dev7 into full operations. The change will entail an interruption of service. If the scheduling of this transition will have an undue impact, users should report the matter to the Slack dm-infrastrusture channel to @daues . The lsst-dev7 cname will continue to point to lsst-dev01 for an interval. It should be stressed that the execution of the name change in itself will not bring lsst-dev7/lsst-dev01 into production, as this is one step in a longer process.