Trust Level 4 (Leader)

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Looking at what comes with TL4:

  • edit all posts
  • pin/unpin topic
  • close topic
  • archive topic
  • make topic unlisted
  • Split and merge topics
  • Daily like limit increased by 3 ×

some of these seem like traditional “admin” actions. I’m not that comfortable with having everyone able to “edit all posts”, in particular. The rest could be abused but are reversible (I presume) and not as potentially destructive.

I don’t really understand the Discourse author’s logic in putting “wikify my own post” on the same level with “edit anyone’s post”.

Edit history is preserved (click the orange pencil icon), so there’s some chance at reversibility.

Yes, I’d also argue that wiki-fying your own post should be available at a much lower trust level. Unfortunately that not a knob I could turn. Hence I’ve elevated all of Data Management to TL4, as you know. (see Members of LSST DM now have the full Discourse feature set (Trust Level 4) for the announcement I just posted) Users in other groups do not have elevated trust levels. I’m counting on DM members to behave :slight_smile: Note that for edits there is accountability since any post’s edit history is publicly visible.

Looking back on this thread, I’m chagrined at how this reads, and I want to say: this was an abstract statement about how Jeff Atwood has designed the trust level system. I am not concerned that the actual people on our team will abuse the capability!

Well, I guess I learned something there.

Not what you may have thought: what I learned was that you get a notification when someone else edits your post.

Note, though, that you do have to click all the way through the edited-post icon to see who did the edit - the hover-over text doesn’t give you the information that it was an edit-by-other.

Thinking about it, giving everyone TL4 actually made the wikify-my-post ability less relevant, because now all our posts are “wikified” with respect to our TL4 colleagues anyway.

(If future readers are confused about what happened here, bring up the edit history of the previous post.)

It’s not a big deal, but I’d say

  • edit for typos and to make corrections/clarifications
  • make a post a wiki when the entire point of the post is to have others add and update it (e.g., a task status post)