Trying out the #talk-starting-soon slack channel

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  • We had a discussion about @channel mentions: On at-channel Slack etiquette

  • We kicked around the idea that a #talk-starting-soon channel whose entire purpose is to notify people of, well, talks starting soon might be a solution both for the at-here channel spamming for talks and a solution to talk FOMO.

  • I have created this channel and have some suggestions on how to use it below. If we kick the tires in Data Management and find it useful we can spread it out, and if not we can archive it and never talk of it again.

So here are some ground rule ideas:

  1. For maximum effect post upcoming talk reminders (< 55m) with at-channel as it is easy to opt out of those notifications for a particular channel when you know exactly what they will be for:

  2. Remote access to the talk must be possible (otherwise use your geographic location channel - Princeton, Tucson, etc). Take care you’re not blasting invite only talks (eg. some type of interview talks, in-team social events etc).

  3. Advertise talks in advance if you want without the at-channel.

  4. I suggest there is one message with the important info, please thread additional info for, I dunno, dress code or something

  5. EXTRA CREDIT: Use the eventbot plugin (see below for instructions) - this will allow people to RSVP on your advance advertisement, which means they will get their own personal notification without you having to remember to do it near the event. Plus you get an idea of the level of interest.

Have fun with the firehose :slight_smile:

Using Eventbot (it’s not exactly fabulous but it was the best I could find - note we are using the free version so there are advanced features you won’t be able to use)

Go to #talk-starting-soon and type /events create and fill in the popup.

Everyone will see an announcement with an RSVP:

If you are the organizer or if you RSVP (I think - since I was both when I am testing I am not completely certain) will see an extra message asking you to set your own reminder:

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Oh forgot to mention that if you use Eventbot, you can just remind the channel nearer the time with just one click:

The free plan, if I recall correctly, does not support notifying multiple channels.