TVS metrics creation

Hi @ljones @yoachim, @sjoert @bricmank @fed (with 2 students Xiaolong and Ming) @keatonb and others are working on implementing the metrics outilned in the TVS papers : for now we have made progress on TED, Aliasing and we are working on PrestoColor (Fast Transients) - we will post questions and answers about TVS related metrics here if that works

That’s great news Fed! Is there a github repo where I can take a peek?

right now they exist on forks of the repo that my students made. but some of them are ready for review - is it the best course of action to then ask you to take al look before we submit a pull request?

At the end of the day, I think either way would be fine. We can either have that conversation in a PR or in email/other before hand.
One of the advantages of letting us have a peek early before hand, is we can make sure that we understand what you’re doing and what the goal of the metrics in the PR is, to start to address some of these questions before work even gets too far. (i.e. if you start writing a metric that already exists or is close to one that already exists, we can point you at that one instead, saving you work).

Hi all, here I created a metric to evaluate discover of the unknown, filterPairsMetric, It counts the number of visits for each filter pairs within time Δt
to check whether our observation strategy is biased to some filters,
and plot the result as a heat map in filter space or a skymap for any filter pairs.
here is an example from the presto cadence, let me know any suggestions