TVS SN WG summer break

On August 3rd there was the last meeting before the summer break for the TVS SN WG. The meeting was focused on discuss the state of art of the ongoing projects. The Supernova working group aims to discuss about Supernova Science with Rubin. The group share great expertise and levels on engagements within the Rubin community. Ongoing projects within the group are related to:

  • optimization for SN classification algorithm: the project aims to optimize a Neural Network model to perform the SN photometric classification;
  • simulation of SN CC alerts for analysis of brokers’ performance: generate ZTF alerts from simulated light curves to test Fink and ALeRCE brokers and compare the results.

The projects are at the stage of coding the machinery to perform the analysis, issues have been found in gather data for a proper training set.

Other proposed projects are related to detection efficiency analysis: For future derivations of SN rates, detection efficiencies will be needed. “Work with the LSST Data Management team to ensure that the SN-related science goals can be met (DM work [on detection efficiencies] is summarized in [DM-19308] Detection efficiencies for Difference Images - Jira) ; and host association: Understanding / contributing to the LSST Science Pipelines plans for host association (, as well as broker cross-matching algorithms

The Supernova Working Group in **open to all new members ** who want to join and contribute to any of our project or who want to propose new ones.

To join the group and be updated on the progress of our work please send and email to or join the channel #tvs-snscience on slack

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