TVS-SN WG telecons on FINK Broker

The third TVS SN WG was on April 27th 2022 on zoom. The meeting focused the discussion on the Fink broker and on the possibility to use it to classify transients. The meeting hosted Anais Möller , one of the leader of FINK broker, she showed us some of the results for the SN discovery and classification. Some of the main aspects were discussed:

  • LSST pipeline will produce difference images every 37 seconds. The analysis showed that we should expect that 30% of the stream will be a bogus event.

  • Cross-match of the survey streams with the catalogues was one of the focus point of the discussion as it was the possibility to introduce other features to the simple positional cross-match. All this information allows us to build customizable filtering for different sources.

  • FINK broker is already quite customizable, but collaborative work with the community will allow the system to improve its compatibility with more than one science case.

Until now, it has been done much for SNe Ia cosmology because of the interest of most of the people involved in the project but there is room for everybody who is interested in a different science case such as characterization and discovery of CC SNe types.

Because LSST is not online yet, all the results are related to the most similar survey to LSST, ZTF.

  • How to access the data? Just go to the FINK web page and query for candidates to see results from ZTF. There are also tutorial notebooks available to play with the data.

Collaborations are encouraged to get involved in the work stream for the improvement of brokers system. Feel free to contact Anais Möller via Slack or email.

Because of technical issues it were not possible to record the talk, but transcription of the discussion and the link to the slides can be found at TVS SN Working Group telecon minutes

Some of the announcements done during the meeting:

Second announcement is a SN meeting across Science Collaborations. It was originally planned before the pandemic, but organization has started again now. Feel free to write about any topic you are interested in using TVS SN Working Group telecon minutes. The meeting, initially thought as a SN centered meeting, will be now focused more generally on explosive transients across Rubin LSST SCs.

To join the TVS SN WG you can mail or join the slack channel #sn_science, questions can be posted as replies in the topic thread or can be sent the SN WG chair, Fabio Ragosta, by direct message in the Community Forum

Here the slides from the meeting: Fink_TVS.pdf


Thank you @FabioRagosta and @anais.moller, it was a great meeting yesterday!

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