TVS-SN WG telecons

The first TVS SN WG was on January 19th 2022 on zoom. The meeting started with the presentation of the results of the survey closed on January 6th 2022 with the goal to highlight the interests of the TVS SN group and to survey the ongoing projects the community is involved in.

The aim of the meeting was to get the people talking about the activities they are involved in connected to Rubin TVS-SC, so that people working on the same topic could come along and collaborate. Having this goal in mind, it was able to list some of the main activities of people in the group:

DP0 and Alert Brokers:

  • Kickstarter programs have been activated to analyse the performance of the data processing for the danish telescope. During the meeting it was mentioned the lack connections between TVS efforts and programs that analyse the alerts generation putting filters into alert brokers – specifically it was mentioned the DECam DDF program –, so one of the action items got from the meeting was to think about how to integrate the how to make the DECam DDF program more integrated with TVS efforts.
  • Another project mentioned was the work of Tyler Pritchard and collaborators, they’re using a notebook for API access to brokers (multiple brokers) for a multi-wavelength archive of transient’s light curves, as is Syrah by Saurabh Jha for nearby SNeIa.

Observing Strategy task force:

The projects and the updates of the TVS SN WG will be uploaded on the TVS subgroup website LSST-TVS, where will be found informations about the TVS roadmap (under construction) and the ongoing activities.

To join the TVS SN WG you can mail or join the slack channel #sn_science, questions can be posted as replies in the topic thread or can be sent the SN WG chair, Fabio Ragosta, by direct message in the Community Forum

Here the slides from the meeting: TVS-SNWG.pdf (889.7 KB)

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