U-band imaging and cadence

I have a small query regarding the u-band images, basically dealing with the u-band observation cadence, in terms of the

  • Time to change the filter
  • Time for change in the position of the FOV

I’m not exactly sure whom to approach at the moment. Perhaps someone can guide me in the right direction.

Do you mean the time to swap the u band filter in and out of the camera filter holder (because the filter holder only can hold 5 filters out of the 6 total at a time), or do you mean to change between those available 5 filters during the night for different observations?
To swap the filter in and out of the filter holder is a day-time operation, I’m not sure exactly how long exactly. To change between filters already in the camera during the night takes approximately two minutes.
In terms of changing the pointing of the telescope, the slew time varies depending on the location of the previous / next location, but can be as short as 5 seconds.
You might find additional useful information in the call for white papers in section B.

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