Upcoming Simulations Telecon Demos

3/23/2016 Generating lightcurves from the CatSim database (@darko)

3/30/2016 Twinkles (experience using Sims & DM end-to-end) (@KSK)

4/4/2016 Cloud modeling update and status (@yoachim)

4/13/2016 Update from Elahe, operations simulation scheduling. (@Elahe)

4/20/2016 SysML demo (@danielsf)

4/27/2016 Sprint recap and planning

5/4/2016 Community activities (conference and whitepaper updates)

5/11/2016 Process for opsim feature addition approval (multi-exposure times)

5/18/2016 Astrometric metrics: DCR-Parallax factor correlations (@yoachim)

5/25/2016 Overview of LSST the Docs (@jsick)

6/1/2016 Sprint recap (all)

6/8/2016 Real-time cloud information + the scheduler (@CStubbs)

6/15/2016 OpSim recaps: minion_1016 reference run, terminology updates (deprecate “Universal cadence”, clarify “baseline cadence”), and updates on SOCS/Scheduler status and future release features.

6/22/2016 Announcements of new sims stack, LSST 2016 meeting + breakouts.

6/29/2016 Cancelled.

7/6/2016 Cancelled.

7/13/2016 Demo of lightcurve generator @danielsf

7/20/2016 @rbiswas will talk about his work with SNIa and catsim

7/27/2016 LSST 2016 agenda walkthrough and discussion of sims breakouts

8/3/2016 Updates on Alertsim performance from Veljko and updates from recent meetings

8/8/2016 Last minute walkthrough of LSST 2016 plans