Update on International LSST Data Rights and In-kind Contributions lists

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The following information is relevant to our International Data Rights Holders.

Please be informed of the following:

  1. A dynamically updated list of International Data Rights Holders is available at this new location: https://www.lsst.org/scientists/international-drh-list. This list replaces the PDF list that you used to link to from the LSST Corporation website.
  2. This list comprises all scientists who have provisional data rights because of their affiliation with an international in-kind contribution program. A program’s LSST data rights will be finalized upon execution of its associated data rights agreement.
  3. Program Managers will be polled annually to provide any updates to their membership. The first updates will be happening in the next few weeks
  4. Please update any bookmarks or short links you may have to previous lists, they will likely not work and old lists will not accurately reflect the current membership