Updates to the white paper template - 11/13/2018

Dear all,

In response to inquiries about the latex template for survey strategy white paper submissions, we corrected a small error and made some small tweaks. Please note that these are all optional changes and use of the original template is still perfectly acceptable!

  • The submission guidelines in the WP template header comments differed from the guidelines stated in the full call for white papers. These differences are now resolved. Note that the preferred method for submitting white papers is simply by emailing a PDF to lsst-survey-strategy@lists.lsst.org , but that we will also still accept white papers submitted via a pull request on github.com/lsst-pst/survey_strategy_wp (as was specified in the latex template).

  • There was a request for wider-than-default margins, in particular for figures. The default margins were 2 inches; these have been reduced to 1 inch margins to make it easier to include wider figures.

  • To avoid overly increasing line length as a result of increasing the margin size, the font size has been increased from 11pt to 12pt. This maintains the permissible amount of text in each section at approximately the same amount.

  • To permit acknowledgement of funding sources, especially in cases of funding directly for white paper submission, an acknowledgement section has been added.

Again, these are optional changes, and do not need to be adopted if they are not useful for your white paper.


Note that the instructions (the footnotesize comments) do not need to remain in the final document.

How can a large number of co-authors be included? I tried several ways, but none worked. And what about their affiliations?

@ljones for the TVS papers I am recommanding that if there are a lot of coauthors they should be added after the “preamble” before Section 2, starting section2 with a clearpage (to fit the page number limit clearly) - let me know if you object

I think that’s a fine idea - we had not meant to imply any limit on the number of coauthors nor that listing the coauthors should impinge on the page restrictions.
Affiliations can be included (or not) as the authors of the white papers prefer.