URL for "Support" category says "qa"

The URL for the “Support” category is “/c/qa”, perhaps because the category was renamed at some point. I don’t know if this is fixable, as there may be links in many places that use this string. It does mean using “#” to refer to the category produces an unexpected string: #qa .

Historically the Support category was called “Q&A” but that was much confusion about what Q&A actually meant. What happened was that some folks in the team felt that if their post started as a question it went in “Q&A” rather than just being in the “Data Management” category. The rename to “Support” I think reflects that the category is for community support of LSST software and data.

I can change the Support category’s slug to support, but that may break links. Given that the category is still young I think we can afford it, though.

Any opinion on the URL change?

Okay, given that the slug is only used in the Category listing page, I think it will be easy to change the few published link that we’ve got. I’ll make the change when I refresh the proto- Science Pipelines Documentation for the new release.