Use same @references everwhere

Is there a way to make @ksk work in discourse (instead of or as well as @ SimonKrughoff)? I’d like to use the same @ everywhere if possible.

And I hope the phrase “contacts database” isn’t in the reply.

I plan to build a ‘database’ for DM to relate people’s HipChat, discourse, email and other identities to automate groups. My plan is to side-step the official contacts database.

Right now people are free to choose their username and typically have 3 days after signup to change it. An admin (me) can change it anytime thereafter. But before I consolidate handles, I’d want to have everyone’s consent and give them a heads-up.

I’d default to making everyone the same here as hipchat, but check with individuals. E.g. @SimonKrughoff did you mean not to be @ksk here?

In my case at least – and I’m guessing more generally, although I forget the details of the signup process – the Discourse username is lifted from GitHub. I was not a sufficiently early-bird to nab jds on GitHub, but did on HipChat where there’s less competition. Standardization would be nice (& also with JIRA, Confluence etc).

but as @jsick notes you can change your user ID on Discourse. Mine used to match my LSST email root until I changed it. I had not realised there was a time limit on users being able to change their own.

I didn’t realize that I had a time limit either. I’d be happy to change mine as well, but I don’t seem to be able to do it anymore.