Users Committee Meeting Notes (Thu Apr 14)

Users Committee Meeting Minutes
The chair will prepare a summary to be posted on the Rubin Community Forum in the Science category with tags #users-committee and #meeting (same as

UC Attendance: Michael Wood-Vasey, Matthew Holman, Ashley Villar,
Igor Andreoni, Javier Sánchez, Matt Wiesner, Alejandra Muñoz Arancibia, Markus Rabus, Alessandra Corsi, Anja von der Linden, Qingling Ni

Rubin Staff Attendance: Melissa, Greg M., Leanne, Frossie

Shared notes taken during the meeting

There was discussion of the UC meeting in person at PCW2022, Aug 8-12, in Tucson. Meeting late in the meeting, Friday morning, would allow the UC to collect input during the meeting. The UC will be introduced with a slide at the first plenary.

It would be helpful to have the results of the upcoming delegate feedback survey, which will be available at the end of September. Thus, it may make sense for the UC to meet again in October and to produce a report from that meeting.

There was discussion of additional feedback surveys, keeping in mind the need to not overtask the users.

Questions suggested by Frossie:
What service is owed to inactive users?
Will it be considered unfair to others that some delegates are inactive?
What usage patterns should be expected?

–Reasonable notification would be helpful. Details are being worked out.

–Motivation for the cloud rather than at SLAC. 1) Not competing for resources with other SLAC projects, can be more open. 2) More scalable for 8-10k users. Most of those are expected to sign up after data releases and around large meetings. Usage will be very spiky! The cloud provides a lot of elasticity. 3) The cloud makes other platforms such as GPUs more accessible. 4) Grant proposals can be written to support specific computing power/architecture.

Note that all the data processing will still be done at SLAC. Also, the cloud has not yet been approved. (The UC can potentially support the cloud model.)

–Why are bots using the notebooks? These bots (monkeys) are for testing purposes. They find problems before users do. (Suggesting of using a bot to test cold storage data retrieval.)

Discussion of DP0.1 feedback survey

Request for suggestions from the community and/or UC for demos
Submit your idea for a Demo
And then an Upvote list to help prioritize and also to help users think about what kind of demos might be possible.

Positive support for RSP on Cloud as part of operations.

What is the long-term plan for user file and DB storage after the LSST survey? This is not really a cloud-specific question as similar questions would apply to resources if they were solely at SLAC.