Using an lsst-dev stack w/ local ipython & ds9 tutorial

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(Ericmorganson) #21

Merlin helped me offline with this (thanks, dude). The issue was port choice. 6668 was insecure. You may want to check out:
If your jupyter is not working over the network.

(Johannct) #22

Hello, I am coming back to this old post because I do not manage to run ds9 through the lsst-lspdev jupyterLab. Did anyone succeed?

(Colin Slater) #23

The above instructions won’t work with LSST-hosted Jupyterlab installations (lsst-lspdev, etc.), because you can’t SSH to the jupyter instances.

(Merlin) #24

From private conversations, it sounds like it actually should be/is possible to setup the necessary tunnels by ssh-ing out, but this should be considered unsupported at best!