Using JSON data type to minimize database schema changes

This is a proposal for using JSON data type in the SQUASH QA database.

SQUASH uses MySQL/MariaDB for the development and production databases, it is implemented through the Django-MySQL package to add specific features of MySQL/MariaDB to Django.

In particular, we are interested in the JSON data type to store QA outputs from validate_drp. That seems very convenient as these outputs can vary widely and we don’t want to turn all the details into a relational model.

If you are interested in the details of this implementation check sqr-009.

I have talked with @fritzm about this and the quote I have on record is “I’m not scared” but he should speak for himself :slight_smile:
As I recall the question really is how we are going to integrate the shim database back into something fronted by DAX. I am hoping we can get a better idea after our arch doc sprint in Dec/Jan.