Using LSST cadences for timeseries simulations

Dear all,
I’m working on a cadence note analyzing the variable star periods using the multiband Lomb-Scargle algorithm on a simple log-spaced cadence (the draft can be found here).
I would like to include the LSST cadences in the cadence note, but I’m not sure how to extract them. I would need the times at which a particular simulated object is visited.
What would be the best way to implement the LSST cadences?

Hi, sorry I didn’t see this question sooner. We have released a whole slew of simulated surveys, as well as software designed to help analyze the output. Here’s a short jupyter notebook showing how you could extract the visits that overlap a point on the sky:

There’s lots more MAF can do, but if you just want an example of how a point on the sky might get observed, this will get you started.