V3.0 cadence comparisons to previous baselines for key metrics


In regards to the SCOC’s request for feedback, is there a jupyter notebook that summarizes v3.0 compared to previous baselines for all current set of key metrics for each science area (like this survey_strategy/Draft v3.ipynb at main · lsst-pst/survey_strategy · GitHub)?. It would be helpful to understand the relationship between various knobs left to turn in the v3.0 cadence and place the v3.0 cadence in context with the previous baselines. I can do this for Solar System metrics, but I don’t know what the current list of important metrics are for other science areas that the SCOC is considering.


Hi @mschwamb,

I’ve been putting this notebook together to look at the performance over the different baseline runs. Not quite as fancy as some of the previous notebooks, but now with representative error bars based on varying the weather down time.