Verification Datasets Meeting 2015-12-09 Minutes

Verification Datasets Meeting 2015-12-09 Minutes

Attendees: David, Angelo, Gruendl, Colin, Hsin-Fang, Simon
Regrets: RHL
Notetaker: David


  • working on DES a lot recently, getting back to LSST work
  • working on QA vizualiation with the IPAC team
  • grid viewer to look at multiple FITS images at the same time in Firefly
  • writing python code executed from firefly to get calexp (or other data types)
    from the Butler and then display the images and maybe detected objects


  • not much progress because of Thanksgiving and travel
  • getting new server in Tucson setup will rerun processCcdDecam on COSMOS data with IDL workflow, hoping to get it working today
  • Paul suggested some COSMOS failures due to bad initial PSF estimate, David suggested having an automated way to estimate the PSF FWHM, there will be an RFD discussion on this topic next Tuesday
  • Colin said that there is capability to do this already but might need to be tuned to work better
  • Colin/Simon suggested David look more at the code and especially the second moments selector before the meeting
  • David would like to see documentation on how processCcd actually works, what steps are taken, doesn’t really exist
  • Simon suggested looking at task documentation on doxygen,
    not much for processCcd but docs for ISR task, calibrate task


  • rerun bunch of NEO data for a variety of reasons
  • need some parameters from Mario
  • Day MOPS activities at UW by Joachim
  • still not compiling properly, Simon helping with this

DECam astrometry

  • David: DECals astrometry from Arjen Dey, uses CP distortion terms but refit CCD-level terms (shifts and rotation), getting ~30 mas precision, SMASH does same thing
  • Colin/Simon: matching kernel can remove bulge shifts, not sure about rotations
  • processCcd astrometry calibration does a completely new fit with SIP using the astrometric catalog matches, challenging to have it just refit the CCD shift/rotation terms
  • Colin doesn’t have time to try this out, but maybe Francisco/Yusra do.


  • issues with the bad pixels, she found that she hasn’t incorporated all of the bad pixel values into
    the artifact map/table, fixed now.

Francisco/Yusra: not on
Dominique: not on
Michael Wood-Vasey: not on

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