Verification Datasets Meeting 2016-03-02 Minutes

Verification Datasets meeting
Attendees: Angelo, David, Frossie, Colin, Hsin-Fang, Mario, Zeljko, Francisco, John Swinbank, Lupton, Simon
Notetaker: David


  • nothing on DECam
  • probably not working on verification datasets for a while


  • not much work with actual data
  • pass DIA sources to MOPS
  • some correlated DIA sources (e.g. diffraction spikes), not sure what to do about it yet, just try MOPS
  • False Positive Rates in the LSST Image Differencing Pipeline (


  • Joachim working on running MOPS
  • probably won’t be able to attend these calls as much as in the past


  • twinkles update:
  • running phosim at NIRSC
  • long tail in the runtimes, some timing out at 5 days, moon adds a lot to sky brightness
  • a dozen or so frames through stack, MWV will look to see if they are reasonable
  • run 1, visit per night per any filters that are available, 1200 individual visits, reduce/coadd/forcedphot
  • DESC meeting next week, hoping hundreds run through by then, need to fix moon issue
    couple of weeks once the moon is fixed, processing through stack quite quick and straightforward


  • looking at upgrades to validation_drp
  • CFHT, DECam, HSC, full focal planes
  • ci_hsc now running, almost nightly
  • coadd and deep detection on HSC
  • starting to process twinkles data, some issues with obs_lsstsim master that he+simon are working on
  • Introducing validate_drp: Calculate SRD Key Performance Metrics for an output repository (


  • nothing to report on this
  • didn’t get time for HiTS for this semester, focus on getting papers out
  • stopped working on astrometry issues with image differencing
  • polynomial fits as good as using CP WCS



  • was at “Globular Cluster and Galaxy Halos” conference in Netherlands
  • rerunning COSMOS with SDSS DR9 reference catalogs to get good magnitude zero points
  • discussion about crowded field photometry codes, maybe use DAOPHOT as a stop-gap solution

MWV: looking at Lauren and Paul’s comparison code