Verification Datasets Meeting 2016-03-09 Minutes

Verification Datasets Meeting
Attendees: David, Darko, John Swinbank, Francicso, Frossie (many people at DESC meeting)
Regrets: Simon, Angelo
Notetaker: David


  • conflicting simulation meeting Wed 10am PT
  • David: maybe look for a different verification datasets meeting time


  • running COSMOS data through stack using SDSS for photometric/astrometric reference catalog
  • finished running, now matching up the sources and will then make new plots on photometric and astrometric precision using the multiple visits of the field

John Swinbank:

  • final stages of HSC fork, run HSC data through the LSST stack, Bob Armstrong
    HSC and LSST stack side-by-side
    actively in progress, hoping will be done in a week or two
  • David: could there be something that lets the rest of us know about the newly added functionality?
  • maybe, K-T boot camp idea could help with this
  • Frossie, maybe a ~45 talk?
  • maybe a talk if boot camp doesn’t cover this
  • lots of good information in John’s HSC merge release notes


  • student having stack installation problems, conda install
  • DM-5178, Tim and Josh looking at this

Much as I’d like to claim credit, my main contribution to these notes has been badgering all the folks who’ve actually done the work into keeping them updated. But I’m glad they’re useful, anyway.