Verification Datasets Meeting 2016-03-30 Minutes

Verification Datasets Meeting:

Attendees: David, Hsin-Fang, Colin, Angelo
Regrets: Simon, MWV, Frossie


  • tried out intra-chip cross-talk correction for DECam, handed off to Simon
  • want to add a xtalk type and be able to put them into the calibration registry
    can use them for certain range of dates
  • need more code to get all of this to work for DECam
  • linearity correction, Russell working on this, using lookup table since it should be faster than
    using a polynomial (and don’t have to deal with different functional forms), will live in ip_isr
  • brief discussion of doing lightcurves with difference images


  • ran multi-band driver on DECam test data
  • jointCal working on DECam, John P. working on it, fixing some build issues



  • made summary plots of the COSMOS rerun with SDSS as reference catalog
  • lots of failures, still trying to figure out where the majority are coming from,
    need to change qa script to gather more information on failed files
  • photometric scatter, between 0.01 and 0.05 mag depending on the band,
    okay, not great, maybe add color-terms for photometric zero point
  • astrometric scatter terrible, 50-100 mas at the best
  • CMD looks reasonable, but some issue probably from visits that had problems
  • would like to try using the new version of processCcd
  • also would like to use extendedness to separate stars/galaxies
  • H-F: some failures due to few reference stars
  • H-F: try new processCcd, spits out more information than old one
  • Colin: sometimes many reference objects are thrown out during outlier rejection
  • Angelo: extendedness only in coadds
  • Jeff Calin working on HSC image, trying to get good CMD for dwarf galaxy with unresolved light

Michael: (gave update later in person)

  • validation working on various datasets, cfht, hsc, decam
  • baseline versions of output repos exist
  • validate_drp, configuration to set pass or fail criteria
  • ci_hsc been running every 8 hours on Jenkins

SDSS has 2 or 3 bad fields in the Cosmos region. I’m not sure if these are fixed or removed in the Finkbeiner recalibration.